Best Areas For Foreigners To Invest In Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the most stable cities of UAE in terms of economy as it is a tourist attraction place. Thus, it is a known fact that if a city is crowded, then any business can work in its region because population serves as an advantage to it. However, being the third-largest city in the UAE which is crowded as well, can confuse you in matters of investment.

There are several fields in which you can invest, such as the tourist industry of Sharjah, Properties of Sharjah, and Stocks of the companies in Sharjah. But if you are contemplating investment in land and properties of Sharjah, ahead are some best areas of Sharjah in which you can invest.

Tilal City

For foreign investors, the land in Tilal city is available on a lease basis. However, don’t worry as the government has made recent changes and now the lease for foreigners is extended up to 100 years. Moreover, this city comes into the developing category as most of the part is under construction.

Therefore, it is all the more reason to invest in it. Also, it is merely 27 Km away from Sharjah, so it won’t lack the lavish lifestyle after its development. In short, now is the perfect time to invest in the land of Tilal city as it is affordable. Not to mention, the prices are going to touch the skies soon once it gets fully developed. Investing then could be a waste of money as there won’t be any scope of development left.


Aljada is emerging as the new exhilarating destination for people who like to visit cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The location of this town is near Sharjah Airport International Free Zone. This area near Sharjah has a mixed flair of works related to recreation, entertainment, retail, and living standards.

Thus, if you are a real estate investor, then you should certainly check this area out as it offers luxury villas, penthouses, townhouses, and lavish apartments at affordable prices.This could be an ideal choice for your clients who want to enjoy the happening and fun life of Sharjah but at the same time want to reside in a peaceful place. Therefore, by buying a house or apartment in Aljada, they can get the best of both worlds!

Al Mamsha

If you are looking to invest in a place that offers a modern lifestyle infused with old heritage, then Al Mamsha is an excellent choice for that. Al Mamsha is situated merely 15 Km away from the Sharjah airport International Free Zone. While Sharjah is all about tourists attraction and entertainment, Al Mamsha has a slightly different approach as it is built specifically for people who want to live in Sharjah permanently.

Also, foreign investors who are still looking for houses or apartments to live in can buy a home in Al Mamsha. Currently, it is in a developing state, and a lot of new projects are still under construction. Therefore, the prices are not yet touching the skies. So, invest in the land of Al Mamsha before it’s too late. Furthermore, you can also start a real estate project of your own as there is still a wide range of areas untouched by real estate entrepreneurs, which gives room for your business opportunities.

Free Zones

If you are a foreigner who wants to start investing in the UAE, then your foremost step towards investing should be looking for a Free Zone area. Basically, Free Zone areas in the UAE are regulated by special laws in terms of Taxation policies. In these areas, foreign investors need not pay a hefty sum of money in the name of custom charges or taxes. Moreover, the whole idea behind the Free Zones concept is to lure foreign investors into UAE to start a start-up of their own.

However, every zone has its own set of rules that the authorities of that particular region govern. Some of the free zones in Sharjah Media City Sharjah are , U.S.A. Regional Trade Center Free Zone, Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, and Hamriyah Free Zone.


So if you have decided to invest in Sharjah, then check these places out. You can also do your own research regarding the areas mentioned above. Also, it would be great for you if you would look for free zones to invest in. Buying properties in free zones is tax-free, even for foreigners. Thus, investing in free zones can save a lot of your money as you need not pay any heavy government charges while buying the land.


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