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As we speak, you may have quite a number of contacts on your Facebook and other networking applications that you use. These people on your contact send you games and other enticing online contents and you have developed a very cordial relationship with them. All of a sudden, you discover that you do not see them again online. At this point, you discover that a new chatting application has caught their attention. Of course, MewChat is capable of luring your contacts. What Is MewChat? MewChat works like WhatsApp. It is capable of performing tasks that other chat messengers perform. The application helps you to locate people in your immediate location and it is user friendly. Interestingly, when you get the application installed on your smartphone or iPad, it begins to invite people on your contact to join you on the platform. As a matter of fact, the application takes instructions from you on whether to invite the people in your contact. Once you grant the permission, messages of invitation land on your contacts' phones. By the virtue of this, the application has continuously enjoyed reputation. As at now, it is the most downloaded chat messenger that people use to connect their friends.

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How Does The Application Work?

Design Patents
These are granted to individuals who develop an original and ornamental design and outlook for any article of manufacture


Utility Patents
These are granted to individuals that discover or develop new and relevant items. This includes am article of manufacture, a useful process, a machine or a composition of matter.
Plant Patents
These are granted to individuals who develop or invents a new and distinct variety is asexually reproduced plants.

For business organizations, there are four main types of intellectual property protection. These are:


A nonrefundable $35 fee and then you complete the process by submitting a nonreturnable copy of the work under application.
The average time for processing electronically and paper filed applications is two months for those filed electronically and 5.6 months for paper submissions.
The duration of a copyright varies according to different factors but most rimes, works created after January 1, 1978 have a copyright protection that will last for the entire period of the author's life and 70 years after that.
However, this type of copyright cannot be renewed so 70 years after the author's death, the work becomes public property.

The US Copyright office is always open for enquiries and you can visit their website for additional information.


Patents are granted to provide property rights for inventions and thus allow the patent holder to be the sole maker and distributor of the invention.
If you have a patent on an item, you exclude others from selling, producing or using the invention.
A patent can be obtained by applying at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
The three main types of patents have been discussed earlier. These are the utility, plant and design patents.
Noteworthy facts about patents are:
* In order to qualify for utility patents, the invention being considered must be useful, novel and non-obvious.
* A design patent usually lasts for 14 years while utility and plant patents have a duration of 20 years.
The process of applying for patents is, however, complicated and expensive. The expenses at the end of the process usually runs into thousands of dollars n
Therefore, the authority in charge (USPTO) recommends that you employ the services of a qualified patent agent or attorney while filing for your patent.

You can visit the USPTO website for additional information about applying for patents.

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A trademark

A trademark is simply anything that differentiates the manufacturers of one brand from its competitions. This can be in the form of a symbol, a word or phrase, or a design. An example is the trademark 'swoosh' design of Nike products. Trademark rights can simply be earned by use and circulation but it is safer to register the brand mark with the USPTO.Trade Secrets According to the

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This makes it

This makes it easier to fight for intellectual theft and enforce your trademark rights should an event call for it. Before filing for the registration of your trademark, you should look through federal and state databases so you would be sure that another company is not using the same or a similar trademark.A trade secret can be defined as "Information, including a formula, pattern,

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Trademark Rights

While filing for trademark rights, you must already have a graphical representation of the proposed trademark. You should also identify the category of goods and services that the brand mark will apply to. You can apply for trademark protection online. The filing fees will be determined according to the number of classes of goods and services available and the form type.

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This process can

This process can be very complicated so I will advise that you retain the services of an attorney that specializes in trademark application. You can also check out the USPTO website for additional information. You can access the agency's contact information in case you want to make enquiries. device, method, technique, or process that derives independent economic value


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